Guyana and UNAIDS agree on 3-year strategic plan

 Seated (L-R): Dr Renee West, Honourable Dr Karen Cummings and Dr Rob Glaubius. Standing (L-R): Ms Karen Yaw, Ms Maria Niles, Dr Martin Odiit, Dr Shamdeo Persaud, Dr Morris Edwards, Dr Nadia Liu and Dr Rhonda Moore/Photo Credit: UN Guyana

The Public Health Ministry and UNAIDS (Guyana) Office agreed on a three-year HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan to help improve the life expectancy of those affected by the virus.

Under the terms of the HIVision2020 covenant, 90 per cent of Guyanese living with AIDS must be diagnosed by 2020; a similar number must be receiving their anti-retroviral treatment. The two sides also estimate also that under the pact there must be 90 percent of the people in treatment with “fully suppressed viral load” by 2020. Read more >>>