Hurricane Irma and the effects on Sasha Lewis (UNICEF Eastern Caribbean)

Sasha Lewis UNICEF@UNICEF Eastern Caribbean Area

Sasha Lewis is among residents of Barbuda who are evacuating this island devastated by ferocious Hurricane Irma to find shelter from a storm that follows in its path.

It’s in a bath of sunlight that Sasha Lewis boards the Excellee, the vessel that will bring her from her home, Barbuda, to nearby Antigua.

The Excellee is a pleasure craft that normally ferries tourists to this popular vacation spot to walk its legendary pink sands. But with Barbuda lying ravaged, these are not normal voyages. For the past two days, the boat has been life-saving transport for families fleeing this 62 sq. mile island that bore the brunt of Hurricane Irma’s ferocious winds as the storm tore through the eastern Caribbean.

By week’s end, up to two thirds of the 1,500 residents of Barbuda are expected to have taken the one-hour voyage on which Sasha is embarking, leaving the devastation behind them in favour of the relative safety of Antigua. There they can start the process of returning their lives to some sort of normalcy.

UNICEF is providing tents, water purification tablets, and hygiene kits along with such other supplies as tarpaulins, blankets and potable water containers for displaced families and communities in Barbuda, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands and the Turks and Caicos islands.

Anyone wishing to donate to contribute to the drive to bring much needed assistance to those affected by hurricane Irma can do so by accessing our donate page via the 'Donate' tab under our cover photo at the top of this page or via the following link:

Credit - UNICEF Eastern Caribbean