ICCAS CCCAF Project wins National Energy Globe Award Grenada 2018

 Photo Credit: Energy Globe

One of the Integrated Climate Change Adaptation projects, Protein From Waste and Local Crops, won the National Energy Globe Award Grenada 2018. Protein from Waste [PFW] is a unique and fully engineered facility that operates every day processing animal, fish and brewery waste by cooking it at 250 degrees Celsius until it is dry and free from pathogens for animal feed production. The cooking process is energy intensive; however, the company has overcome its economy of scale with a unique technology that converts recycled oil into a clean burning cooking fuel.

The national ENERGY GLOBE Awards distinguish best project submissions from a country (e.g. ENERGY GLOBE Germany, ENERGY GLOBE Argentinia).

With 182 participating countries, the ENERGY GLOBE Award is today’s most prestigious environmental award. It is awarded annually to projects focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energies and the conservation of resources. The awards for these many projects are presented in their recipients’ individual countries in cooperation with our partners, in particular with the international offices of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

National winners receive an ENERGY GLOBE Certificate highlighting applicant and project, signed by ENERGY GLOBE Jury chairperson Maneka Gandhi and ENERGY GLOBE initiator Mr. Wolfgang Neumann.

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