IOM Launches Regional Action Plan to Strengthen Response to Venezuelan Outflows

 Caption: A Venezuelan family assisted by IOM Photo: IOM

IOM, the UN Migration Agency launched a Regional Action Plan, detailing its support to Governments hosting Venezuelan nationals in the Americas and the Caribbean. The Action Plan aims at strengthening the regional response to large-scale flows of Venezuelans, supporting the efforts that governments have initiated across the region.

The Action Plan responds to the needs and priorities expressed by concerned governments, as well as information gathered through IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix, currently active in several countries in the region, and the Organization’s experience delivering aid to individuals and groups of Venezuelans nationals.

According to a recent IOM report, population outflows from Venezuela have considerably increased over the last two years, with an estimated 1.6 million Venezuelans abroad in 2017, as compared with 700,000 in 2015. Of this total, approximately 1.3 million Venezuelan nationals are in South America (885,000), North America (308,000), Central America (78,000) and the Caribbean (21,000).

IOM’s Action Plan, which requires USD 32.3 million in funding to implement, focuses on such activities as data collection and dissemination, capacity building and coordination, direct support and socio-economic integration.

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