J-CCCP Launches Cario Farming Game at Denbigh Agricultural & Industrial Show

 Caption: Children attending the agricultural show play the Cario Farm Game. Photo Credit: Barbados & the OECS

Following a knowledge, attitudes and practices study undertaken in Jamaica, J-CCCP produced a communication plan which outlined two primary communication activities for the country: farmers’ markets targeting pilot project areas (Browns Town and Clarendon) and a virtual farming game targeting youth.

J-CCCP has partnered with Jamaica 4-H Clubs to undertake the agriculture-based virtual game as this is Jamaica 4-H Clubs’ area of expertise and the Project is already partnering with them for a school-based climate smart project. The game provides a creative and fun medium through which to educate youth about climate change and climate smart decisions and actions, with the ultimate goal of creating lasting behavioural change.

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