Legal Advice and Services Centre – Part Two: The Traveling Clinic Comes to Hopkins Village, Belize

 Caption: a young boy navigates puddles in Hopkins/photo credit: UNICEF Belize

The rather utilitarian classroom at Holy Family Roman Catholic primary school in Hopkins Village would normally be overflowing with children.  Today however, four lawyers are using it to set up a temporary law office.  It’s a regular school day and thanks to thin walls and open windows it is easy to hear activity in the surrounding classrooms.  A cool breeze blows in from the nearby sea while a steady rain falls outside.  It’s a welcome break from the heat at this time of year, but in a village where most people get around on foot the wet weather may not be good for business.  Even if there is no charge for the legal services being offered.

The Legal Advice and Services Centre has brought their traveling clinic to Hopkins.  This is the latest stop on a country-wide tour that will see lawyers offer pro bono legal counselling in 16 communities that otherwise may not have access to affordable qualified private attorneys.

Hopkins is a small coastal village in southern Belize.  It’s a laid back, tightly knit community where everyone knows everyone.  Visitors come to this village to enjoy a more authentic cultural experience than what they will find in some of the more popular tourist destinations of Belize.  But economic opportunities in this village remain hard to find.  Many residents live in relative poverty. Read more >>>