Suriname Minister of Labour supports the Alliance for Decent Work for People with Disabilities

 Minister Soewarto Moestadja, the Minister of Labour in Suriname, has received 'the Alliance for Decent Work for People with Disabilities' for a work meeting. Photo: Suriname Herald

The Minister of Labour in Suriname, Soewarto Moestadja, has emphasized that by stimulating employment he intends to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

The minister will work hard to create opportunities for this group to feel included. According to Moestadja, the participation and involvement of this group in society should be based on the development concepts: decent work and inclusive development. The mobilization of this group requires an integrated approach from both the government, civil society groups and the business community, according to the Minister of Labour.

In the meantime, the Ministry has prepared an "Equal Treatment" bill for the protection of persons with a disability in the labour market and on the work floor. The draft of the bill is now being reviewed at the Labour Advisory Board (AAC). The ministry also made an office space available to the Wan Okasi foundation that is part of the Alliance. The secretariat of the Alliance will be managed from this office.

At present, the Ministry's work arms are preparing to develop competencies through training for this group with the intention that this group may earn a living as small entrepreneurs. This concerns the work arms: the Labour Mobilization and Development Foundation (SAO) and the Productive Work Units Foundation (SPWE). Preparations are also being made to devote extra attention to this special group in the second Decent Work Country Program.

The Alliance is an initiative of the Association of Surinamese Businesses (VSB), which is supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The Alliance aims to promote employment and entrepreneurship among people with disabilities in Suriname. The proclamation of this bundling took place in February 2018.